In addition to his work as a professional engineer and producer Jack is also an active artist. Jack spent his early career as a DJ and music performer, both as a solo artist and as a part of bands Good Buddha and Flatwound, during this time he has performed on some of Australia’s biggest stages including the Big Day Out, Good Vibrations, Vivid and Groovin The Moo and held DJ residencies at major clubs in Sydney. Over the past 5 years he has work as a solo music producer under the moniker Future Love Hangover, these productions have featured on Triple J, FBi radio, SPIN Magazine, Earmilk, Vice and many other media outlets. Over the course of the 3 FLH albums Jack has begun to expand his artistic practice to incorporated videos, websites and performance all linked through on overarching conceptual thread. His most recent body of work Sincere Input featured a collaboration with visual artists Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier which was continued with Jack performing the role of invigilator at their recent exhibition at COMA Gallery. Jack is undertaking a residency in Sept 2019 to further collaborate with Joe and Chanelle looking towards developing a new work in 2020.

One of Jack’s key creations is a music/media format called an exposure in which the consumer purchases the art with time and not money. Below are link to the three FLH studio albums as of which are presented in this format.

Ecstatic Yours Truly

Traditional Late Night Drinking



Jack has also experimented with app based art. In 2017 he developed, in collaboration with No Moss., an artwork called Test Tones which featured a selection of short animated loops of visual colour patterns designed to generate alpha waves in the user and induce a mediative focused brain state. the concept was meant as an alternative to social media and focused on managing and dealing positively with smart phone addiction. It can be found on the app store at the below link.

The film clip for FLH song Out Of Space. The video also acts as documentation of a performance that took place in Camperdown Rest Memorial Park in early 2018. Below is an exposition where Jack talks about the performance and surrounding work.

Jack first foray in video. The film clip for Sunlight Streams Electric, featuring the kinetic sculpture Screaming Rapture.

An interview with Jack taken from the time of the second FLH album. The costuming and conceptual ideas were all connected to that particular album and show the depth of the conceptual framework behind the music.

You can see more of the Future Love Hangover project here .