two crews

Currently in development, Two Crews, is the upcoming work by choreographer Nick Power, scheduled to premiere at the Sydney Festival in 2020. The work will feature a full score of original compostions by Jack Prest. The compositions are working with the idea of deconstructing hip hop, breaks and club music and subverting it into a more contemporary and experimental space. Two Crews is a cross cultural exchanges between Australian and French artists and the development involves two residencies in Paris. The first in May 2019 at La Vilette and the second upcoming in September at La Place. The development is supported by the Major Festivals Initiative and the Australia Council for the Arts. In addition to it’s premiere season it already has additional seasons booked for the 2020 Brisbane and Adelaide Festivals.

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Image Credit - Barton Taylor

Image Credit - Barton Taylor

Blak Box embraces the First Peoples concept of ‘deep listening’ which is based on stories, silences and the spaces that lie between. It is an innovative model that encourages audiences to step inside Black Box and simply listen to sound, ideas and language from a First Peoples perspective. BLAK BOX utilises cutting-edge surround-sound equipment and production methods enclosed in a space designed to be the perfect space for conversation, in this instance, an inter-generational conversation. It is an ongoing work by Daniel Browning and Urban Theatre Projects. Jack has been involved as sound designer and engineer for the premiere season in 2018 and the 2019 season Sydney Festival. The work includes a 6.0 sound mix. It scheduled for remount at Barangaroo in late 2019.


Nominated for an Australian Dance Award in 2018 this collaboration with Nick Power has been featured at major festivals around the world. Since it’s premiere at Dance Massive at Arts House in Melbourne it has played at Sziget Festival (Hungary), Tanz Im (Germany), Sydney Opera House, NT Artback Tours, and has upcoming tours in the Netherlands and Germany. Featuring an original score by Jack Prest which has often been highlighted as a special element of the performance, with the Tanz Im festival using excerpts for it’s promotional trailer in 2018.


This 2014 Helpmann Award winning production featured sound design by Jack Prest. Premiering at Performance Space in 2012 and toured to Arts House in 2013. It was also adapted in a short film for the 24 Frames Exhibition at Carriageworks in 2015 for which Prest also did the score, sound design and mix.


Jack’s first collaboration with choreographer Nick Power with an original score of deconstructed and re-contextualised break beats. Created in partnership with Stalker Theatre the work has toured internationally through many major dance festivals and well as featured in Sydney Festival, Darwin Festival and Sydney Opera House.



Jack composed an original score and provided sound design for this final work by acclaimed theatre company My Darling Patricia. The work was further adapted as an immersive installation for the Junction festival in 2016 for which Jack provided the score and mix.


Co production between Stalker Theatre and Unlock Dance Plaza (Hong Kong) for the Freespace Festival in Hong Kong 2014, featuring original score and sound design by Jack Prest.


Original score and sound design for 2009 theatre show The Tent. Premiered at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne.